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Find out the opinions of the Good Beer judges!

The judges are professionals, some of them are employed by or work with breweries, but they do not participate in the panels where the beers submitted by the breweries are judged.

It is a competition that shows the diversity but also the high level of the Polish beer market. All breweries compete – from the smallest to the largest, all have an equal chance.

Rajmund Petrzyk
Zamkowy Brewery

The competition categories are the reflection of market trends. When judging, we pay attention to the quality of the beers, but also to their compatibility with the declared style. Sometimes in the categories in which I was judging there were situations where only one medal was awarded – here, for a beer to win a medal, it must actually deserve it.

Michał Sułkowski
beer judge

Taking part in the Good Beer sensory panel is an experience definitely worth repeating. I think that a big advantage of the contest is the diversity of the people taking part in the sensory panel, which allows for the best possible and objective evaluation.

Edyta Omyła

It is worth taking part in the competition as its formula makes it possible to show the real winner both technically (the medal beer must not have any production defects) but also in terms of the consumer’s perception of the beer’s drinkability and enjoyment.

Grzegorz Garniec
beer judge

I recommend submitting beers to the Good Beer competition first and foremost because the quality of the beer in it is judged in a ‘blind test’ on the judges, which guarantees an objective assessment.

Maja Drab

Entering your beers in the Good Beer contest allows you to have them assessed by experienced judges. It is an opportunity to compare the quality and taste with other beers available in Poland. The winning beers are awarded medals, which testify to the high quality of the beer and are nicely displayed on the walls of the breweries.

Maciej Wentowski

It is a competition that is gaining more and more renown every year and is aspiring to become the most prestigious competition in Poland.

Tomasz Szczygieł
Recraft Brewery

From a judging point of view, the competition is very well organised, enjoyable to judge and I am very keen to return to it.

Marek Kamiński
KingPin Brewery, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Browarów Rzemieślniczych

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