Why beer contest are worth attending?

Why do sportsmen compete with other rivals? Above all, to test themselves, to show their supporters that they are the best. The same happens with breweries, brewers and beer that they brew. The medal-winning position in the contest is a confirmation that the offered product is the best quality. A trophy ensures that a receiver – a distributor, wholesale company and finally a consumer will not be disappointed when they buy this beer – which is the best against the background of other beers, tested by the experts.

In the case of the Good Beer Contest we are sure that this is a contest with an established, long-standing tradition. It is not a “staged” award, but the beer developed in a brewery and appreciated by the group of independent specialists in the field of sensory evaluation. This year for the first time beers will compete in an international circle. It means that there will be more of them and the representatives will come from stylistically native regions. Therefore you can expect that the quality of those beers will be on the highest level, i.e. Czech lagers will compete with lagers from the Czech Republic exactly. Or classic Bavarian wheat beers with Weizens brewed in this region. What does it mean for other participants? Of course, the greater prestige of victory, the bigger satisfaction and greater appreciation among competitors.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, one can build on sales “success” and stay convinced that this is the exact verification of quality. But are sales  (for example in chains of stores) the effect of good quality exclusively? And what if the success of the sales department would be strengthened by an expert assessment and a medal trophy? Does it help or impede offering one’s products?

Medal – a great matter

Those dilemmas and questions seem to be rhetorical. Watching the joy of the winners of many contests I am sure that this is a great matter for beer manufacturers. A brewer is proud of the recipe and production, an owner of a brewery is proud of a brewer, his beer and own contribution to business management. Marketing and sales department appreciates all of them and has additional materials for product promotion. It cannot be gained from the Excel, it has to be experienced and worked out. Entering beers in good contests matters, and I encourage all members of the beer world to do it.

Rafał Kowalczyk

Director of the GoodBeer Contest


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