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The GOOD BEER INTERNATIONAL 2024 Contest will take place on Sunday, 22 September 2024, in Wrocław, Poland.

I Entering Beers in the Good Beer 2024 Contest

1. The Contest is open for beers made using any brewing technique and raw materials, however, a minimum of 50% of the raw material composition used in the brewing process must be malted grain.

2. Submitted beers must be available for retail sale.

3. Entities participating in the Contest may be the relevant beer makers or distributors acting on their behalf.

4. So-called “contract breweries” may enter their beers provided that the place of production, i.e. the brewery where the beer is brewed, is specified in detail.

5. Beverages made on the basis of or with the addition of beer (e.g. radler) will not be judged in the Contest.

6. The subject of evaluation in the Contest is a beer of a particular brand, therefore the same beer cannot be entered more than once.

7. When entering a beer in the Contest, it is necessary to declare in which category and, if applicable, subcategory the beer is to be judged. For how to select a category see: II Contest Categories. The full name of the brewer who brewed the beer should also be included in the entry.

8. Beer entries for the Contest must be emailed to by 1 August 2024.

9. The Entrant should provide the Organiser with each submitted beer in the quantity of 5 bottles of 500 ml each (or the equivalent in smaller or larger containers).

10. Shipping of beer

a) Pasteurised beers should be delivered directly to the following address: ul. Ładna 6, 44-240 Żory, Poland, between 9 and 19 September until 5:00 p.m.

b) Beers requiring refrigeration should be delivered directly to the contest steward (phone +48 887 301 000) between 19 and 21 September, to the following address: Haston City Hotel, ul. Irysowa 1-3 (Psie Pole) 51-117 Wrocław, Poland.

c) The unique code that each beer will receive upon registration must be placed on each unit packaging of the beers sent. Collective packaging should be labelled “Good Beer 2024”.

II Contest Categories

1. The style guide and source of description is the BJCP’s study The category in which a beer should be entered is determined by the type of beer (lager/ale), its initial extract and dominant characteristics: flavour and/or aroma.

2. In the event of any doubts in determining the style and category, you can contact the Contest Director, Rafał Kowalczyk, at In this case, the beer should be described as follows: beer parameters (colour, extract, alcohol content, IBU), type of fermentation, flavour profile and base style – in the case of modifications and experimental beers.

3. The contest categories along with their descriptions can be found in the appendix.

III Sensory Analysis of Beers

1. It is planned to set up international judging panels to evaluate beers according to designated categories.

2. The members of the judging panels will be professionally trained tasters, persons demonstrating a working knowledge of beer sensory, brewing techniques and knowledge of beer culture and styles.

3. The panels may include people employed or working with breweries and distributors, but they will not participate in the judging of beers submitted by these entities.

4. The final decision to qualify a candidate for a panel of judges will be made by the Contest Director. Recruitment of judges is planned to be completed by 5 August 2024.

5. All aspects will be judged: appearance, aroma, taste, physical properties and overall impression. Sensory analysis and selection of the best beers in a given category will take place by eliminating coded samples of the submitted beers.

6. The beer judging panels, under the guidance of the table captain, will prepare a short review of each beer accepted into the Contest. Reviews will be available after the Contest upon request.

7. The organisation/recruitment of judges and the course of the Contest will be supervised by the Contest Director.

IV Prizes and Announcement of Results

1. Medals may be awarded in each contest category: 1st place – a gold medal, 2nd place – a silver medal and 3rd place – a bronze medal.

a. A gold medal: The highest world-class beer, representing a given style flawlessly, with a very good balance of flavours and aromas and an ideal appearance.

b. A silver medal: A high-class beer that may deviate slightly from the style, but must still be flawless and present an appropriate balance of flavours and aromas.

c. A bronze medal: A beer that represents the style well, which may deviate slightly from the style parameters in its variation. Highly rated flavour and aromas with no significant flaws.

2. The judges may award a set of medals in a given category or may not award any if the quality of the beers has not met the medal criteria.

3. Information on further places beyond the medals will not be made public.

4. Additionally, the brewer whose beers receive the most medals will be presented with the Good Beer Best Brewer 2024 award.

5. The announcement of the results will take place during the Polish Brewing Congress on 23 September 2024 in Wrocław.

6. The official website of the Contest is

V Fees and Administrative Matters

1. Participation in the Contest is payable, the cost of entry for one beer amounts to:

• 90 Euro net for each beer entered and paid for by 30 April 2024

• 100 Euro net for each beer entered and paid for between 1 May and 30 June 2024

• 120 Euro net for each beer entered and paid for between 1 July and 16 August 2024

• Beers entered but not paid for by the deadline – will not be judged.

The fee is non-refundable.

2. The Contest Organiser is the company Bikotech sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Żory, ul. Kościuszki 29.

3. The person entering a beer does so in the form of a voluntary declaration. In the event of a breach of the Rules or failure to comply with their requirements, the Organiser may withdraw the beer from the Contest. In such cases, the fee is not refundable.

4. The Entrant is responsible for customs charges, if any. The Organiser will not pay any fees to receive the consignment. The consignment and shipping documentation should wear the following declaration: “Free samples. Not for resale.”

5. The Organiser may revoke all rights to the prize at any time in the event of concealing information or declaring false information by the Entrant.

6. In the event of a medal place – the Entrant is granted the right to feature the visuals of the Good Beer 2024 contest medals on any publicity material, at no additional cost.

7. Any disputes may be resolved amicably, including complaints – in writing.

Director of the Good Beer 2024 Competition                      Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee

Rafał Kowalczyk                                                                                             Aleksandra Wojnarowska

Appendix 1 - to the regulations of the Good Beer 2024 Contest

Medal Categories

#1 Light Pale Lager
<11,5’ Plato Czech Lager light versions, Rice Lager, Int. Lagers
#2 Premium Pale Lager
11.6’ – 13.0’ Plato Czech Lager premium versions, German Pils, Int. lager
#3 Strong Pale Lager
>13.0’ Plato
#4 Light Dark Lager
<13,0’ Plato e.g. Tmave light versions, Schwartz bier
#5 Strong Dark Lager
>13.0’ Plato e.g. Tmave, Bocks and Doppel Bocks lager type
#6 Baltic Porter
e.g. Classic version 19-21.0’ Plato. Open category Porters (needed specification)
#7 South German style Hefeweizen
(pale and dark)
#8 Wheat Beer
Witbier, Wheat Bocks, American style wheat beers
#9 Wild and/or Sour Beer
Brettanomyces, spontaneous, lactic bacillus, sake yeast, (not fruity beers)
#10 Belgian or French style beer
Pale Ale, Blond Ale, Golden Ale, Double, Triple, and similar (excluding sour beers, and witbier)
#11 Classic AIPA
West Coast American IPA, East Coast American IPA
#12 Hazy IPA
#13 Specialty IPA
Red, Black, Belgian, Double, Triple, Brett, Brut, etc.
#14  American Pale Ale and British or Irish Ale
Pale Ale, Bitter, English old style IPA, Stouts, Mild, Scottish, Robust Porter, etc.
#15 Honey Beer
#16 Fruit Beer
All type beers with fruity aroma. Please specify base style and fruits/flavorings
#17 Flavored Beer
Spices, nuts, vegetable, flowers, etc.
#18 Smoked and Peated Beer
Grodziskie, smoked malt or whisky malt beers, both dark or pale ver.
#19 Barrel aged Beer
All beers matured in barrels or with wooden chips
#20 Non-alcoholic Beer
All types less than 0.5% alc. vol. Drinks based on beer or mixed beers with softs (radlers e.g.) are not allowed.
#21 Experimental Beer
Beers which are made with unique ingredients or made with unusual techniques. Also restored primitive historical techniques (needed description from the brewer).

NOTE: When entering beers, check the style description according to the BJCP. If a beer is brewed in a non-standard way, the category should be selected based on its prominent characteristics.